Client Results

"I have been with the Edge Group calls for about 10 months now. It has definitely helped me deal with business issues. When I present challenges to the rest of the group I usually get some ideas that I haven’t thought of . Dave and Ron are skilled at directing us to face our problems and getting them resolved. My focus has majorly changed to build my employees and the employees will build the business. By focusing on a challenge every week and having a support group to help me resolve it, my business stress has gone way down. Now I sometimes have a hard time coming up with a challenge to resolve.

Since being on the weekly call Dave and Ron have helped me change my focus from solving problems to building up employees. When you build up and empower your employees they will take care of your business. Dave and Ron are very skilled at helping me dissect my challenges to pinpoint where changes are needed. Being on the call with fellow business owners each sharing their challenges gets you thinking in new ways about your own issues. If you have business or employee problems I would definitely recommend this program."

– Paul Miller | Custom Steel Designs
Bob Santoro
EDGE Gold Member
Joel Eschenbach
NOTION Design Group
Terry Cale
Certified Health Coach