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What Is EDGE Platinum?

The EDGE Platinum Coaching Program is a WEEKLY, 2 hour phone meeting led by Zigar Legacy Certified Trainer, Dave Kauffman, and guest entrepreneur Ron Klein along with 6 other like-minded business owners to discuss business challenges and recieve ongoing coaching & mentorship.

An EDGE Platinum Membership Includes:
World-Class Business Coaches

World-Class Business Coaches

Mentoring & coaching from Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, Dave Kauffman and guest inventor and entrepreneur, Ron Klein.
Weekly Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group

A Weekly, 2-hour conference call with 6 like-minded business owners for valued feedback, solutions, and accountability.
Ongoing Referral Bonus

Ongoing Referral

Receive one FREE month ($1000 value) of membership when you refer a new member to EDGE Platinum. Credited after 2 months.

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The EDGE Platinum Team

  • Dave Kauffman

    “My main goal is to help you and your business do whatever it takes to accomplish long-term success in your industry!”

    Dave has helped small businesses owners across the country by empowering their dreams of truly owning their business instead of being OWNED by the business. He has been coached and continues to learn from some of the worlds best small business coaches, Howard Partridge, Mark Ehrlich, “Inner Circle Member” and belongs to Team Phenomenal , and is a huge fan of Zig Ziglar He guarantees that your business will change if you implement just some of the great information and tips you will receive if you attend our events, or your money back!

    Dave Kauffman

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  • Ron Klein

    The Grandfather of Possibilities™

    Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip and MORE!

    Ron Klein’s background includes several different roles ranging from inventor, entrepreneur, CEO and engineer. His inventions are diverse and have impacted billions of people worldwide: (the magnetic card strip for credit cards, credit card validity checking system, Real Estate MLS, voice response for banking and BOND quotation and trade information system for the NYSE).

    Ron Klein

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